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volterragusto Volterra


From October 14 to November 26 A calendar of events increasingly rich and the original plans for the second edition of " Volterragusto ."
Enogastronomy, crafts, entertainment and traditional ingredients of a review that makes Volterra a must-see destination for all lovers of good food. And not alone.
After the great success of attendances recorded in the first edition of Corsican VOLTERRAGUSTO returns, the autumn exhibition dedicated to proprietary gastronomic tradition of Volterra and Val di Cecina . And it does so with an increasingly rich calendar of events and initiatives designed to involve the general public, guiding him to discover how good these lands are able to offer, from wine with evening through chocolate and cheese to know them than that remains the point of view more fun and delicious: the table! During the seven weekends of the event, scheduled OCTOBER FROM 14 TO 26 NOVEMBER 2006 stands set up at the central Piazza XX September (every Saturday from 16 to 20 and Sunday from 10 to 20) will see alternating producers and exhibitors, and time will present more tasty local specialities, with the possibility of tasting and purchase. For lovers of world food to 360 ° are also planned a series of events to deepen their knowledge on the subject, organized with the help of important local and national associations.
Among the many events scheduled include the delivery of the "literary prize Jarro " the claimant ALBANIAN ANTONIO , scheduled for SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4 with free admission, and the " IX SHOWS MARKET WHITE TRUFFLE ", during the 28 and 29 October and 1, 4 and 5 NOVEMBER . Throughout the duration of the event also welcome visitors to the stand will be delivered coupon valid price reductions as input to some of the most important museums of Volterra.
Debate with the originality that provided during the first weekend.
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 15 Indeed, the space fixed Piazza XX September will host " Alabastro chocolate: chocolate feast and of ", with a dedicated stand symbol of the two products and recent local artisan tradition. (Saturday from 16 to 20 and Sunday from 10 to 20).
But what unites the black to white alabaster delicacies? The discover SUNDAY OCTOBER 15: The beloved sweet become an inspirational muse of local artisans, who in "Competition Portacioccolata " put to the test their skills creating elegant and unique containers alabaster. The awards for the most original work, open to the public, will take place at 18.00 in Piazza XX September.
Also Sunday, Conduct local Slow Food will organise a "sensory Path ", which in snoderà craft Volterra with taste tests and recognition. The departure is set at 16 still in Piazza XX September.
Context to the events scheduled in the day on Sunday, will inaugurate the mill Colli Toscani with fire and visit free (from lunch until dinner)

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